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On-Air-Promotion for Broadcasters

Telling a story within the shortest space of time: good on-air promotion should make viewers want to see a programme while, at the same time, strengthen the broadcaster’s brand. We produce programme trailers and design elements which support your audience flow.

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Our range of services is extensive, from the concept, post-production, art direction and spoken text, to the direction of voice recording and sound design.

Programme trailers

Good programme trailers highlight precisely those aspects of a programme which bring about the most interest from the target audience. As the final step in the promotion of TV programmes, programme trailers are important for the success of a film or a series. Novel Media has produced many thousands of programme trailers for both German and international broadcasters.


Technology which stretches as far as your imagination. Motion design tools and software offer our creative department unlimited possibilities for design when it comes to producing, packaging and designing video content – from the development of graphics for sports broadcasts to completely animated commercials.

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We offer TV broadcasters complete packages for image and programme promotions. This means that all aspects are coordinated by us: editing, graphics, spoken text, voice recordings and background music. Smooth operation included.With our understanding for the “bigger picture”, we develop concepts for promotional or cross-promotional campaigns which stay true to your brand. We also advise you on corporate design and corporate identity issues.

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